Phlebotomy Training Arms

April 20th, 2016 No Comments   Posted in Phlebotomy Facts

There are two kinds of phlebotomy training arms ones that are human and ones that are plastic. I will outline the positives of both and the negatives of both so you can decide what phlebotomy training arms you would like to work with. Some people prefer drawing on a human patient but this could be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Some people also like to draw on plastic but this could lack the experience you need to draw blood on a real arm.

First the plastic phlebotomy training arm – The plastic phlebotomy training arm is an arm that comes with blood packets you fill up the arm with blood and practice puncturing the vein or skin to see if you can get blood to come out. The pro to this is you get to practice with your phlebotomy needles and see if you are getting better with the needles that you are using. Practice with different needle gauges and see what gauges you are doing the best with. The con to using one of the phlebotomy training arms that are plastic is you will not know if the arm is in pain or if you are taking too long to draw blood. more >>>

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