Phlebotomy Instructor

August 23rd, 2016 No Comments   Posted in Phlebotomy Facts

When going to a phlebotomy school you are going to have a phlebotomy instructor. Know what to look for in a good phlebotomy instructor. One good thing you can look for is does the phlebotomist appear and act professionally. All phlebotomist should appear and act professionally and know what they are doing and if your phlebotomy instructor does these things then you are well on your way to having a good phlebotomy experience. If your phlebotomy instructor looks like he or she just crawled out of bed then you might be dealing with a lazy phlebotomist instructor someone who is not worth your time or money.

When you find out you have a lazy phlebotomy instructor make sure to get a new instructor or inform your instructor of the concerns that you have of then being unkempt and not looking like the instructor is ready to teach you. Some people go to the online courses where they will only see videos of their phlebotomy instructor if the videos are poor ask for a partial refund of your money if the videos and course knowledge do not help you get a phlebotomy job. Not all places will give you a partial refund but some will ask why you want the refund and possibly give you a reason for the problems you are facing. more >>>