Phlebotomy Arm Rest

September 7th, 2016 No Comments   Posted in Phlebotomy Facts

Using a phlebotomy arm rest is good when people are giving out a blood donation it can take some time to do so becauseĀ  a whole blood bag is suppose to be filled up so expect to wait to get this done. There is one phlebotomy arm rest: The BioRest stabilizes the arm for the time that is needed for the arm to be stabilized which is the time in which blood is being taken out. Moving the arm too much can cause a needle to come out of the arm even if the needle is taped in so make sure to get the BioRest which is only $72.

Want to know what colors the BioRest phlebotomy arm rest has? Look here: . This shows the different colors and tells you the prices all of the BioRest are the same price $72 and depending on how big your phlebotomy office is you will need more then one most likely. If you are only drawing one patient at a time you will only need one. Let me tell you this is one of the cheapest good phlebotomy supplies on the market. Some other phlebotomy supplies like the phlebotomy chairs can cost from $500 to $1,300 depending on where you get your chair so $72 for an arm rest to go on the phlebotomy chair arm rest is a good deal. more >>>

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