Blood Collection Tube Colors

February 21st, 2013 Posted in Phlebotomy Facts

In this blog post I will be labeling out the blood collection tube colors and what the purpose or at least one of the purposes for the blood collection tubes are. The part that is a different color on the tube is the stopper or the top of the blood collection tube. There are many colors to remember so read more on this blog about phlebotomy tube colors and other color information to get more knowledge on the colors of blood collection tubes. These tubes are all filled up with blood and some are even used to be tossed away to do another test on the patient. Either way these tube colors should be remembered by phlebotomist so you know what you are going to be using when conducting a blood draw.

First tube to be mentioned is the light blue stopper tube. This is one of the blood collection tube colors and is used for coagulation tests or studies. These coagulation studies include PT & PTT and other things as well but those are two of the coagulation studies that are done with the blood in this tube. So be prepared to use this tube if you know you are going to be doing any kind of coagulation studies because this tube is needed remember it is light blue not dark or regular blue but light blue.

The next of the blood collection tube colors to be mentioned is the royal blue. The royal blue stopper blood tube is used for metal studies the traces in the body like calcium and other metals link zinc. All kinds of metals are checked with this including iron too much iron in the blood is actually a disease and you must remove red blood cells to get rid of the excess iron. So if you have too much iron ask what you can do to treat it and you now know removing red blood cells is one way to treat it.

To check blood glucose and alcohol levels in the blood you use a gray topped tube color a stopper is gray. This tube is often checked when you get in an accident and the hospital would like to know if you were drunk or not. This kind of test will tell if you have too much alcohol in your system and if you do you can get in trouble.

These are just some of the blood collection tube colors and their purposes labels on blood tubes can mean what is in them or what they are used for but that is not tube colors the top of tubes anyway is what is mentioned here. If you have any blood related or phlebotomy related questions just ask in the comments section below and your comment will be approved fast.

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